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Ep87-Lahna-Turner 0

Ep87 – Lahna Turner

If stand up is like sex, Lahna Turner is the KY lubricant. Lahna, a mother of two, reminisces with Kira about their early days doing open mics, dating her now husband comedian Ralphie May,...

Ep86-Jack-Coen 0

Ep86 – Jack Coen

Kira gets to gab with and then grill her former boss from The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Jack Coen. A father of two, Jack talks about his early years as a comic, television...

Ep85-Brad-Garrett 0

Ep85 – Brad Garrett

Brad Garrett is a real winner. And a real star. Ed McMahon told him so when Brad became the first $100,000 grand champion winner in the comedy category on Star Search. That was back...

Ep84-Ian-Harris 0

Ep84 – Ian Harris

You won’t believe who’s back! Are you a doubter that Kira would have a return guest? Don’t be such a skeptic, much like one of our favorite comedy dads. Ian Harris sits down again...

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Jamie Kaler 0

Ep33 – Jamie Kaler

Kira sits down with actor, comedian, and dad, Jamie Kaler. Jamie is an American stand-up comedian and actor who has gained fame by portraying the character Mike Callahan on the TBS comedy “My Boys”....

Maz Jobrani 0

Ep1 – Maz Jobrani

In this episode, Kira talks with comedian and father of two, Maz Jobrani about what it’s like to be both a professional working comedian as well as a parent. They focus on how one...

Ep69-Craig-Anton 0

Ep69 – Craig Anton

This week, Kira sits down with comedian and dad, Craig Anton. Craig is an American actor and comedian. Anton is most notable for being one of the original cast of comedians on sketch comedy...

Shang Forbes 0

Ep4 – Shang

In this episode, Kira talks with actor, writer, producer and comedian, Shang. They talk about being a single dad and how important his kids are to him and how much he had to prove...