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Ep100-Tom-Dreesen 0

Ep100 – Tom Dreesen

It’s the 100th episode! And who better to celebrate with than a true comedy veteran like Mr. Tom Dreesen. Not only did Tom give Kira wonderful stand up advice, very useful parenting advice, but...

Ep99-Ty-Barnett 0

Ep99 – Ty Barnett

Ty Barnett is one of the most funny, relaxed, comfortable-in-his-own skin comedians you’ll ever meet. And if that’s any indication to his parenting style, then his daughters are extremely lucky. He got one of...

Ep98-Lisa-Ann-Walter 0

Ep98 – Lisa Ann Walter

The always lustful Lisa Ann Walter sits down in the studio and bares her soul to Kira. Well, not her soul, but definitely her breasts. And who would want to hide those delightful double...

Ep97-DonMcMillan 0

Ep97 – Don McMillan

Not only is Don one of the tallest people in stand up, he has the most Bandwidth, if you know what I mean. We sat down with some cups of JavaScript, he let down...

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Ep73-Collin-Moulton 1

Ep73 – Collin Moulton

Do you like a little pep with your puns? Perhaps some brawn with your banter? Maybe a bit of get-up-and-go with your gags? Alright, how many more of these do I need? Collin, father...

Ep76-Paul-Kim 0

Ep76 – Paul Kim

Paul ‘PK’ Kim is a very busy man. Between taking care of two little kids during the day, performing his stand up at night, deejaying every Korean wedding within the Los Angeles city limits...

Bruce Fine 0

Ep27 – Bruce Fine

Kira sits down with good friend, comedian and dad, Bruce Fine. Bruce’s streetwise style mixed with his boyish looks and charm has won over audiences across the country. It’s also earned him numerous acting...

Ep84-Ian-Harris 0

Ep84 – Ian Harris

You won’t believe who’s back! Are you a doubter that Kira would have a return guest? Don’t be such a skeptic, much like one of our favorite comedy dads. Ian Harris sits down again...