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Ep91-Jordan-Brady 0

Ep91 – Jordan Brady & Jeannette Godoy

Jordan returns to the studio and introduces us to his lovely wife Jeannette Godoy. Jeannette is also a filmmaker and mom to twin girls. She has a film out right now called Free 2...

Ep90-Adam-Gropman 0

Ep90 – Adam Gropman

Adam Gropman is a Comedian, Writer and Bear Wrangler. But don’t be intimidated he’s also a new dad, so nowadays he’s sweaty and nervous like most new parents. Kira remembers Adam from their early...

Ep89-Todd-Rexx 0

Ep89 – Todd Rexx

Todd Rexx (yes his real name) is affectionally known throughout the comedy community as T-Rexx. He could not be more opposite of his fierce predatory nickname. Todd is a sweet father of three who...

Ep88-Jeff-Schimmel 0

Ep88 – Jeff Schimmel

I think Shakespeare said it best when he wrote: “Some are born funny, some achieve funniness, and others have funny thrust upon them.” This might describe comedy veteran Jeff Schimmel to a tee. He...

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Ep87-Lahna-Turner 0

Ep87 – Lahna Turner

If stand up is like sex, Lahna Turner is the KY lubricant. Lahna, a mother of two, reminisces with Kira about their early days doing open mics, dating her now husband comedian Ralphie May,...

Ep61-John-DiCrosta 0

Ep61 – John DiCrosta

Kira sits down with comedian and father, John DiCrosta. In his stage appearances John DiCrosta is “electric” as one Las Vegas reviewer has said. Dozens of voices, off beat impressions, topical humor, sight gags,...

Don Friesen 0

Ep36 – Don Friesen

Kira sits down with comedian and dad, Don Friesen. Don is an American stand-up comedian. Friesen is a relatively “clean” performer who uses self-deprecating humor to lampoon his life as a suburban husband and...

Ep39-Bill-Dawes 0

Ep66 – Bill Dawes

This week, Kira sits down with comedian and dad, Bill Dawes. As an actor, he has appeared in several award-winning independent films, including Adam, Evenhand and Fiona. He’s had starring roles in two MGM...