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Ep97-DonMcMillan 0

Ep97 – Don McMillan

Not only is Don one of the tallest people in stand up, he has the most Bandwidth, if you know what I mean. We sat down with some cups of JavaScript, he let down...

Ep96-Mindy-Rickles 0

Ep96 – Mindy Rickles

What kind of childhood does one have when your father is affectionately known as Mr. Warmth? Probably very acerbic, and I don’t think Kira’s guest Mindy Rickles would have it any other way. New...

Ep95-Sunda-Croonquist 0

Ep95 – Sunda Croonquist

When you talk to Paterson, NJ native Sunda Croonquist you realize there’s not much this comedian and mom of two hasn’t seen or done. Sunda embraces her half black, half Swedish background. This former...

Ep94-Lawrence-Thomas 0

Ep94 – Lawrence Thomas

Lawrence Thomas is from Louisville Kentucky, so you know he must have great stories about the derby, sluggers and chicken. Besides that, he has a family with many hidden talents and demons. But isn’t...

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Jake Johansen 1

Ep30 – Jake Johannsen

Kira sits down with comedian and dad Jake Johannsen. Johannsen attended Iowa State University in the early 1980s, originally majoring in veterinary medicine, and then later changing to chemical engineering. He left after three...

Felicia Michaels 0

Ep26 – Felicia Michaels

Kira sits down with comedian Felicia Michaels. She’s an American stand-up comedian. She was nominated twice for Funniest Female Comic by the American Comedy Awards; in 1999 she won the award. She has released...

Jamie Kaler 0

Ep33 – Jamie Kaler

Kira sits down with actor, comedian, and dad, Jamie Kaler. Jamie is an American stand-up comedian and actor who has gained fame by portraying the character Mike Callahan on the TBS comedy “My Boys”....

Maz Jobrani 0

Ep1 – Maz Jobrani

In this episode, Kira talks with comedian and father of two, Maz Jobrani about what it’s like to be both a professional working comedian as well as a parent. They focus on how one...