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Ep79-Mick-Betancourt 0

Ep79 – Mick Betancourt

Mick’s story has it all. You want to laugh? Trust me you will. You want to cry? Just try and hold back your tears. You want a story about comedy, perseverance, trauma and substance...

Ep78-Mark-Eddie 0

Ep78 – Mark Eddie

What makes you smile? Puppies chasing a ball? Ice cream on a hot summer day? A hit of acid? Well Mark Eddie is kind of like all three of those things rolled up into...

Ep77-Ritch-Shydner 0

Ep77 – Ritch Shydner

There are a few key comedians Kira credits with inspiring and reinforcing her desire to pursue stand up comedy. 1) The first time she saw Mork from Ork sit on his couch using his...

Ep76-Paul-Kim 0

Ep76 – Paul Kim

Paul ‘PK’ Kim is a very busy man. Between taking care of two little kids during the day, performing his stand up at night, deejaying every Korean wedding within the Los Angeles city limits...

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Felicia Michaels 0

Ep26 – Felicia Michaels

Kira sits down with comedian Felicia Michaels. She’s an American stand-up comedian. She was nominated twice for Funniest Female Comic by the American Comedy Awards; in 1999 she won the award. She has released...

mary wendy 1

Ep42 – Wendy Liebman & Mary Kennedy

It’s Part 2. Kira sits down with comedians and moms, Wendy Liebman & Mary Kennedy. This is a 2 part show, it was that funny. Please enjoy. Be sure to rate and comment on...

Ep44-Willis-Turner 0

Ep44 – Willis Turner

Kira sits down with good friend and comedian, Willis Turner. Willis has performed on “BET”, “Comedy Central”, as well as many Night Clubs across the US and Canada. When you need an entertainer, call...

Ep50-John-DiResta 0

Ep50 – John DiResta

Kira sits down with comedian and father, John DiResta. He was the title star of a short-lived UPN sitcom called DiResta from 1998-1999. He has appeared in several films, including Miss Congeniality and its...