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Ep78-Mark-Eddie 0

Ep78 – Mark Eddie

What makes you smile? Puppies chasing a ball? Ice cream on a hot summer day? A hit of acid? Well Mark Eddie is kind of like all three of those things rolled up into...

Ep77-Ritch-Shydner 0

Ep77 – Ritch Shydner

There are a few key comedians Kira credits with inspiring and reinforcing her desire to pursue stand up comedy. 1) The first time she saw Mork from Ork sit on his couch using his...

Ep76-Paul-Kim 0

Ep76 – Paul Kim

Paul ‘PK’ Kim is a very busy man. Between taking care of two little kids during the day, performing his stand up at night, deejaying every Korean wedding within the Los Angeles city limits...

Ep75-Sharon-Barragan 0

Ep75 – Sharon Barragan

At first, Sharon Barragan did not want to be a guest on Kira’s podcast. She didn’t feel like she fit the criteria of a comedian with a kid. Sharon’s comedy career is nowhere close...

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Ep72-Joey-CoCo-Diaz 0

Ep72 – Joey CoCo Diaz

Prison? You got it. Drugs? Absolutley! Playdates? Of course! Who wouldn’t want to spend time at a playground with Joey Coco Diaz? He’s the sweetest, most gentle ex-con you’ll ever meet. He’s a movie...

Ep49-Brett-Gilbert 0

Ep49 – Brett Gilbert

Kira sits down with comedian and good friend, Brett Gilbert. Brett Gilbert was born in Syracuse, New York, USA. He is an actor and writer, known for Ghost World (2001), Wild Things 2 (2004)...

Jamie Kaler 0

Ep33 – Jamie Kaler

Kira sits down with actor, comedian, and dad, Jamie Kaler. Jamie is an American stand-up comedian and actor who has gained fame by portraying the character Mike Callahan on the TBS comedy “My Boys”....

Maz Jobrani 0

Ep1 – Maz Jobrani

In this episode, Kira talks with comedian and father of two, Maz Jobrani about what it’s like to be both a professional working comedian as well as a parent. They focus on how one...